DERMOFARMA - takes care of your skin« is a young company founded by pharmacists and dermatologists very fond of aesthetic medicine, who studied innovative and effective formulas for dermocosmetic products inspired to the Mediterranean tradition.

DERMOFARMA - takes care of your skin« approaches the Italian and International dermocosmetic market whit the mission of "ensuring to consumer cosmetic products of high quality, rigorously tested and safe, exclusively made with Italian ingredients and realized with materials with a low environmental impact."

DERMOFARMA - takes care of your skin« R&D department has so developed the cosmetic line Medý COSMESI MEDITERRANEA«: a perfect sinergy between NATURE and COSMETIC SCIENCE.

The researchers of Medý COSMESI MEDITERRANEA« believe that a cosmetic has to be conceived to "maintain the natural skin wellness" and, as the mediterranean tradition teaches, formulated with healthy ingredients for the body and then for the skin, selected to be biocompatible and tested to minimize the risk of allergies.

Medý COSMESI MEDITERRANEA« PRODUCTS, conceived in compliance with EU regulations on cosmetics, have been Microbiologically and Dermatologically tested; tested for Gluten which results less than 20ppm (as indicated by the Italian Celiac Association); tested for nickel, dye and paraben free.

Finally, the MANAGER of Medý COSMESI MEDITERRANEA«who firmly believe that everybody have the right to take care of own skin whit specific and high quality products, have chosen to apply to their products a competitive price.