Hibiscus Extract

The natural antiwrinlke which relaxes facial features

It performs two actions in synergy. For its mechanical action, it helps to decrease the muscle contraction, which is responsible for the dynamic wrinkles around the eyes, nose and lips. From the first application, the expression wrinkles become less evident, skins lines are smoother, the skin is softer and more homogeneous. Its effect is very clear and lasts for several hours. The second action is the antioxidant one, useful to reinforce the skin’s defences, and to fight against free radicals.

Medì COSMESI MEDITERRANEA®, Turquoise line, contains Hibiscus Extract, rich in precious oligopeptides, which are the cosmetic alternative to anti-wrinkles treatments, natural and vegetal but effective as the most invasive and aggressive treatments for skin. It has a deep antioxidant activity against free radicals and increases the skin's defenses against exogenous and endogenous aggressions.

Medì COSMESI MEDITERRANEA® has associated Hibiscus Extract to Hyaluronic Acid, hydrating and wetting agent which restores the correct level of skin moisture, giving it back its tone and firmness thanks to the particular “wad” structure of the polysaccharide chain, able to hold large quantities of water inside the polymer. Its soothing properties help improve the skin’s elasticity in the surface epidermal cells. These combined actions make it particularly suitable to fight skin lines and wrinkles.

Results: facial features and wrinkles appear more relaxed, skin texture is more compact and homogeneous with a cosmetic effect of rejuvenation.

Hibiscus Extract and Hyaluronic Acid Medì
Major Anti-wrinkle Effectiveness. In vitro tested.

Hibiscus Extract* noticeably decreases the muscle contraction, which is responsible for the dynamic wrinkles with a cosmetic effect continuous up to 24h. (In vitro tested)

Medì formula with Hibiscus Extract* and Hyaluronic Acid shows a cosmetic effect, even more immediate and prolonged. (In vitro tested)

Medì products containing Hibiscus Extract: Anti Wrinkles Cream Moisturiser, Anti Wrinkles Cream Nourishing.

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