Women prefer a natural anti-wrinkle

Expression lines or dynamic wrinkles are caused by the frequent muscle contractions that we ourselves provoke. The incessant muscular movement appealingly articulated when we wink, speak and laugh, or the compression of the pillow while we sleep, with time mark the skin, with initially subtle lines and hollows that become deeper and deeper. The wrinkles of the forehead, around the eyes and the nasogenian wrinkles are considered the lines most representative of aging because they determine, more than others, the age of a person.

Other factors contribute to their accentuation: environmental aggressions, and among these sun (photoaging) and the passing of the years (chronoaging).

The dermatological cosmetic industry has for years adopted a powerful molecule capable of temporarily smoothening expression lines: botulinum toxin. This neurotoxin, when injected into appropriate areas of the face, prevents the contraction of the facial muscles through the inhibition of the acetylcholine released at the neuro-muscular junction of stimulated nerve cells. The "relaxed" muscle slackens its contractions and so the formation and deepening of expression lines.

Although botulinum toxin is an excellent expedient for reducing expression lines, market research shows that many women prefer not to entrust themselves to drastic solutions like surgery or overly technological answers such as botulin because both are too invasive as treatments, and instead they ask for cosmetics with natural ingredients that slow the aging process without contraindications, that act respecting the skin's physiology, are safe and reliable, and maintain the health of the skin offering a more gradual and above all more natural rejevunating effect.

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