The importance of facial cleansing

The skin of the face is particularly delicate and sensitive because, more than any other part of the body, it is exposed every day to the aggressions of wind and sun, while air pollution deposits impalpable grime over it, which is added to enviromental dirt and residues of make-up to obstruct the pores and prevent the skin from "breathing" freely.

Skin, which is not cleansed "in-depth" every day and is not "delicately" freed of this imperceptible accumulation of eniviromental dirt shows, with the passing of time, all the marks of its disharmony: the complexion becomes dull and is veiled with grey, and the skin takes on an opaque and tired look.

Specific cleansers are not always used for the face: specific, effective and delicate ones that manage to rid the skin of dirt and at the same time emphasize its natural brightness.

The habit of cleansing the face properly should begin from adolescence, taking care that the ingredients are suitable and safe for the skin.

A too-delicate cleansing accumulates residues and damaging impalpable impurities on the skin, while a too-aggresive cleansing impairs it and deprives it of its natural defenses.

Intolerances -- allergic and irritant contact dermatitis -- triggered by the cosmetic, impair the barrier defense still more, as far as the appearance of eczema.

According to the Researchers of Medý COSMESI MEDITERRANEA«, facial cleansing represents the first daily cosmetic act for preserving beauty and wellbeing, and they've formulated Facial Cleansing Gel for a delicate, deep cleansing ideal even for sensitive skin.. Delicate because it's not aggressive, deep because it liberates the skin effectively of all the residues of dirt.

The cleansing molecules are extremely delicate and easy to rinse off, even with little water, without leaving residues of dirt or make-up on the skin, and for this reason they aren't comedogenic.

The skin, when cleansed in a well-balanced way, will be "readier" to accept successive cosmetic treatments, whose action will be more effective and faster.