Normal skin

It is smooth, firm and free of impurities. It looks bright with no greasy areas. If you look at the magnifying glass appears uniform and smooth. The outlets of cutaneous pilo-sebaceous follicles (pores) are barely visible.

Normal skin is smooth to the touch and firm. Characteristics related to two factors together very well balanced: the skin surface hydro-lipid film and hydration.

The hydro-lipid film is a protective slightly acidic film ( pH 5,5) that completely covers the skin, resulting from the secretions of skin glands (Sebum and sweat) that combine cellular debris from the desquamation of the stratum corneum.

The hydro-lipid film is renewed continuously and is composed of one part water-soluble and fat-soluble fraction.

Normal skin is actually pretty hard to find. With age also tends to go towards dryness and dehydration.

Advise: Cleanse morning and evening using a mild non-comedogenic and preferably flushable detergent. Too aggressive soaps or detergents are not indicated not to alter its natural balance. Gently pat dry your face thoroughly. Daily moisturizer with natural ingredients and specific anti-aging action to prevent the signs of aging.

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Anti Wrinkles Cream Moisturiser, normal and mixed skin