Sensitive Skin

When skin is particularly susceptible, intolerant and reactive, ie reacts with redness, dryness, flaking and itching to irritants (chemical, physical, environmental), we can define it in one word: sensitive.

Is compact and soft to the touch but reveals its fragility. The symptoms are the onset of burning and itching after the application of certain irritants and when exposed to environmental aggressors such as cold wind and sun. Recently, the sensitivity to some chemical irritants was related to skin color, showing that people with more clear skin (belonging to phenotype I and II) show more reactivity to chemicals.

As all that is delicate, it needs protection andindividual attention. Wind, cold, sun, sudden change in temperature, ingredients in some cleaning products can cause the irritation. The products for sensitive skin have to ensure a particularly sensitive action, aimed at strengthening the compromised defenses and countering excessive loss of moisture .

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