Olive Oil

Emollient and Restructuring

Thanks to its high nutritional properties and to its emollient and softener propetries, Olive Oil is the protagonist in the natural cosmetics from ancient times to today and it is one of the most precious natural ingredients of Mediterraneo. It contains fat soluble vitamins such as vitamins A and E. It is used in all stages of dry skin.

Olive oil has been considered from immemorial time to the present, as well as a food (fundamental and irreplaceable in the "Mediterranean diet"), a drug and a cosmetic with multiple properties. Hippocrates advised to apply poultices of macerated olives for the treatment of ulcers of the skin . In ancient Rome massages with olive oil were considered a "bath of youth." Olive Oil was formerly recommended for the cosmetic treatment of hair and to maintain the natural color as well as to heal wounds and burns. Always olive oil was used as an emollient softening and anti-inflammatory in all stages of dryness and flaking skin. In recent years it has been shown that olive oil has a composition of fats (triglycerides) very similar to skin sebum and it is the natural lipid most similar to the lipid layer of the skin.

Oliv Oil is a liquid fat at room temperature accounting for approximately 98% of triglycerides, which represent the saponifiable fraction and for approximately 2% of unsaponifiable fraction, ie substances that do not undergo any alteration if subjected to concentrated alkali. More fatty acids present in olive oil are oleic acid, linoleic acid and palmitic acid. Among the components of olive oil deemed valuable to the skin there are fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin E (around 150mg/l), known as natural antioxidant.

Olive tree interprets the most remote essence and identity of Mediterranean, with its islands and peninsulas, with its ancient history and its myths, from Greek Cities to Saracen Spain, through the Roman Empire.

Over the centuries olive tree has been a source of inexhaustible wealth and spiritual food and for this reason it was used in many different ways and circumstances. Olive tree continues, still today, to play a central role in our lives: the fruit of this plant and the essence that it yields is an oil so close to gold for its sparkle, able to cure and relief pain, but also to enhance foods and flavors, as a priceless character of our daily lives.

Olive tree (Olea Europaea L.) is among the oldes Mediterranean trees: Mediterranean crops still produce about 95% of the world production of olives.

Medý Mediterranean Oils

To restore the "physiological" sources that generate water in the skin with Hyaluronic Acid and to balance the natural lipids with precious vegetal oils extracted from Mediterranean plants is one of the objectives of Medý COSMESI MEDITERRANEA« in order to mantain for a long time a young-looking skin.

The loss of Hyaluronic Acid in the skin causes the loss of tone and firmness already by 25 years of age. The loss of natural softness and brightness depends also on natural lipid-lowering, stressed by environmental damages (smog, air conditioning, sun, wind, aggressive detergents, etc) which deplete the natural shield of skin againts environmental damages.

Day after day, dried and dehydrated skin appears always more unprotected and accentuates the appearance of first expression wrinkles.

Medý MEDITERRANEAN OILS to strengthen the barrier and the skin defenses

Medý Mediterranean Oils: Oliv Oil , Sunflower Oil, Almond Oil


Medý products containing Olive Oil: Anti Wrinkles Cream Nourishing.