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ATG MEDI 'Srl is a family company founded in 2006 by managers, doctors and pharmacists who have been working with professionalism and competence for over 20 years in the Italian pharmaceutical market, guaranteeing a range of products and services of high quality and safety.

The business of ATG MEDI on the Italian market is diversified on 4 levels:

Management of a parapharmacy corner inside the mass market

E-commerce on salutebellezza.online of free sale drugs, cosmetics, parapharmaceuticals, supplements and herbal remedies

Consulting services for the pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic fields

Formulation of cosmetic products, based on natural ingredients and selected from Mediterranean plants and flowers under the "Medì COSMESI MEDITERRANEA" trademark.

“The ancient Mediterranean tradition narrates that women made commonly use of cosmetics extracts from Mediterranean plants and flower growing spontaneously, forming a natural source for maintaining and stabilizing the skin beauty”


Medì oils are made with high quality and purity ingredients, extracted from plants and flowers of the Mediterranean basin with recognized emollient, softening, elasticizing, draining, reducing and remodeling, nourishing, protective, toning and soothing properties.

They are ideal for dry skin, dry, chapped and reddened and are also suitable for the most delicate and sensitive skin of both adults and children. Furthermore, they have been microbiologically tested and do not contain dyes and parabens. The plant extracts are entirely produced without the use of chemical preservatives, but with a system of natural antioxidants such as the carnosic acid extracted from the Rosemary plant and the tocopherol (vitamin E).

Each ingredient is equipped with a technical and safety data sheet in order to provide all the technical, toxicological and chemical data useful for the consumer.

About naturalness of the oils, we can undoubtedly declare that to the exclusion of a very low percentage (about 0.1%) of perfume, the rest of our formulations foresee the use of vegetable derived oils, extracted directly from the plant origin. There is no added dose of dyes, but it is the active ingredient itself that gives the product its specific function and specific coloration.

The production cycle of the oils is entirely subjected to safety and quality controls in order to guarantee a finished product that complies with the reference cosmetics regulations.

Quality and Safety

of products and services certified

Professional competence

in the dermocosmetic field


Respect for the environment


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You can purchase Medì Mediterranea Mediterranea oils in the pharmacy departments of the following points of sale


  • Supermarket - Pim
    via Bravetta 403 - 00163 RM
    via Trionfale 8044 - 00135 RM
    via Igea 42-22 - 00135 RM
    via Felice Bellotti 5 - 00159 RM
    via Oderisi da Gubbio 133 - 00146 RM
    via Piedicavallo 37 - 00168 ROMA
    via Boccea 653 - 00166 ROMA
    via Gregorio VII 220 - 00165 RM
    VIA Teresa De Gubernatis Mannucci - 00135 RM
  • Supermarket - IPERFAMILY
    via Torrevecchia 1050 - 00166 RM
  • Supermarket - PEWEX
    via Panama 68 - 00198 RM

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